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An Expert when it comes to Auto detailing in Pittsburgh, PA

Ceramic Coatings in Pittsburgh, PA

At Premier Auto Detailing by Evan, I understand the importance of keeping your vehicle’s paint protected.  If you’ve been in search for the best place for auto detailing in Pittsburgh, then you’ve found it here at Premier Auto Detailing by Evan.  We love our vehicles so why not keep them looking their best with a Ceramic Coating. I take great pride in providing you with the absolute best service.  I specialize in Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coating Installations, Paint Correction, and XPEL PRIME Window Tint.  After adding a ceramic coating to your vehicle, you will drive away knowing your car is protected from scratches, dirt, debris and maintenance will become a breeze with a hydrophobic layer that causes dirt and grime to slide right off.  Your search for auto detailing in Pittsburgh PA ends here with Premier Auto Detailing by Evan. Come and find a package that will keep your car looking its best.

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Why Choose Me?

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  • Unmatched Quality of Service

  • Years of Knowledge and Experience 

  • Ultimate Paint Protection

Why is Paint Protection Important?

At Premier Auto Detailing by Evan, I know how important maintaining the value of your car is to you. That’s why I’m the expert when it comes to paint protection that lasts. You spend a great deal of money on your car, keeping up with regular maintenance and care, so why not be proactive to guarantee your car looks its best by protecting its paint. When it comes to paint protection, I know all aspects inside and out.  If you’ve been searching for the best auto detailing Pittsburgh has to offer, then look no further.  Driving on the road, your vehicle will be exposed to the outdoor elements causing scratches, dirt and debris sticking to the exterior of your car. Adding a layer of paint protection to your vehicle can ensure your car stays looking its best and will maintain its value.

I specialize in Ceramic Coatings and Paint Correction to make your vehicle look its best for the long haul.  If you’ve been thinking about adding paint protection to your vehicle, now is the time. There is a package for everyone. If you’d like to try paint protection and upgrade from waxing, then the 1 Year Ceramic Coating package comes with a one year warranty and is an excellent value.  If you want to protect your vehicle for 5 plus years, then the 5 Year Ceramic Coating package is an excellent option to keep your vehicle’s paint protected for 5 years or more.

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My goal is to wow you at delivery! I’ve been detailing cars for over 15 years.  Within those 15 years, I’ve worked on some of the worlds most expensive cars, rare cars, classics and have been a Team Member of the Air Force One Detailing Team.  Whether I’m working on a luxury exotic or your daily driver, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle will be treated with the utmost respect.  I’ve installed hundreds of ceramic coatings over the years and have watched the technology advance year after year.  I have spent hundreds of hours testing products and only use the best the industry has to offer.  No matter which service you’re interested in, I have the knowledge and experience to achieve the best results.

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