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1 Year Ceramic Coating

1 Year Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

The 1 Year Ceramic Coating package is an excellent value for those interested in ceramic coating paint protection! It comes with a 1-year warranty and is a huge upgrade from waxing at a similar price point.  With a layer of the 1 Year Ceramic Coating on the exterior of your vehicle, your car will have a silky smooth glossy finish with amazing hydrophobic properties so washing your car becomes a breeze. Adding the 1 Year Ceramic Coating paint protection to your vehicle’s paint and exterior surfaces, you’ll drive away knowing your paint is protected from light scratches, dirt and debris. If you want your car to maintain its value and be protected from the outside elements here in Pittsburgh, then a ceramic coating is your answer. Come see me today to get your car’s paint protected the right way.

*Paint Correction service may be recommended to achieve the best results for an additional cost

Included in the Package

  • 1 Layer of the Spray Ceramic Coating on all exterior surfaces

  • 1 Layer of the Spray Ceramic Coating on exterior plastics

  • 1 Layer of Glass Coat on all windows

  • 1 Layer of Wheel Coat on wheel faces

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