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Lexus LS 500 Black Sedan

5 Year Ceramic Coating

Unbeatable Paint Protection

The 5 Year Ceramic Coating Package is going to give you paint protection for 5+ years and is a great investment. If you love your vehicle and want to keep its paint in perfect condition for the long haul, then this package is for you. The 5 Year Ceramic Coating package comes with a 2 part Base Coat and Top Coat coating.  This package will add a ceramic paint coating to protect your car from scratches, bugs, dirt and debris.  It adds a hydrophobic setting to your paint that makes dirt and grim slide right off so washing your car becomes a breeze.  The Top Coat layer adds even more hydrophobic properties with an amazing shine.  The face of the wheels will be coated with a wheel specific coating to with stand the higher heat that wheels are subjected to while driving.  There will be 3 layers of a Glass Coating applied to windshield and 1 layer to all the other windows to protect your vehicle from the outside elements.

*Paint Correction service may be recommended to achieve the best results for an additional cost

Included in Package

  • 1 Layer Base Coat

  • 1 Layer of Top Coat

  • 1 Layer of Top Coat on all plastic 

  • 3 Layers of Glass Coat on the windshield, 1 Layer on all other glass

  • 2 Layers of Wheel Coat on the wheel faces 

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